Recurring Billing

The recurring billing service allows you to automatically bill your customers on a recurring payment schedule for things like subscriptions, memberships, usage, or an installment payment plan. Also known as automatic bill payment or direct payment, a recurring payments program enables your customers to pre-authorize a charge of the amount owed on a regular basis. Payments may be collected monthly, quarterly, or at whatever interval the consumer and the service provider agree upon. The billed amounts may be the same every time or vary from one payment to the next, such as with a phone bill.

National’ recurring payments offers a simple yet extremely powerful customer service solution that has the potential to yield significant cost savings, improved cash flow, and productivity. Save time by never manually entering payment details or chasing customers for payments. Our automatic customer capture feature allows merchants to pass customer and schedule details directly from your website to our platform. Customer details are stored securely within National’ environment, further reducing your exposure to risk.

National’ recurring payments also bring guaranteed payments in full and on time, improved cash flow and collection, and reduced exposure to bad checks and write-offs. Similarly, a recurring payments program delivers benefits to your customers, including the convenience and security of knowing bills are paid automatically and on time, an option to revolve balances amongst different credit cards for payment, an opportunity to earn benefits and/or travel miles for paying their monthly bill with a payment card enrolled in a rewards program, and time and cost savings from not writing checks, purchasing stamps and envelopes, or making trips to the post office or mailbox.

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