PaidYET is the first virtual point-of-sale (POS) platform with swipeless transactions and patent pending one-click payments. Instant payment links are free and secure, and the micro-site paypages can be customized with logos, addresses, and social media links. PaidYET utilizes Google's two-factor authentication so no new logins or passwords are needed. Consumers receive payment requests via email, text, or post and simply use their Google ID to initiate payment. Built-in options allow merchants to set automatic payment reminders, include fast-pay discounts, and offer payment plan options. It's also green - so no paper receipts, no paper invoices, and no paper credit card authorization forms are ever needed again!

Stop chasing the money, let the money chase you. Share your payment link and watch them pay. Email it, text it, or post it... and get paid!

To get started, submit an online application and an expert payment specialist will contact you shortly to complete the setup and activation of your account.

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